Tax Advisory

PFR's tax professionals come from different countries who fully understand the taxation laws of Mainland China, Hong Kong and overseas countries, and are experienced in tax practices and tax advisory. With sound knowledge of clients' businesses and industries, we can assist clients in solving tax issues from Mainland China, Hong Kong and foreign countries, and identify operating risks and opportunities for clients. We helps clients enhance their compliance, improve cash flow and seek more tax preferences.

Our consultants are committed to planning innovative and complete tax schemes with professionalism and care for the different situations of every client, we also provide professional advice with respect to multinational group taxation, indirect tax and personal tax and other issues, and tax-saving opportunities. We can seek further to assist in integrated taxation arrangements between Hong Kong, Mainland China and international taxations, aiming at reduction of tax charges for our clients.

Our Services Include:

  • Corporate Tax Advisory
  • China Tax Services
  • Hong Kong Tax Services
  • Indirect Tax Services
  • Cross-Border Investment Tax Structure Planning
  • Multinational Enterprises Tax Services
  • International Personal Tax Services
  • M&A Activities Tax Arrangement
  • Tax Disputes Settlement Scheme
  • Transfer Pricing Services

"Low tax rate and encouragement of business operation" is a policy persistently followed by the Hong Kong Government. Among the many advantages that Hong Kong has with respect to taxation is that Hong Kong provides enterprises the most satisfactory business environment to help investors expand their businesses.

As a Hong Kong-based professional consulting company, PFR is experienced in taxation, accounting, auditing, risk management and other areas; formulating feasible tax service plans according to the characteristics and actual needs of certain industries which the enterprises belong to.

Main Taxes

  • Profits Tax
  • Salaries Tax
  • Property Tax
  • Hong Kong Customs Duty

Offshore Claim

Considering that Hong Kong adopts "Territorial Source Principle", the tax payers who make their income outside of Hong Kong may not pay tax in Hong Kong, but need to apply for tax exemption or advance ruling from the HKIRD.

Avoidance of Double Taxation

Double taxation may occur when two or more regions collect tax on the same income or profit made by the same tax payer. Hong Kong government has signed avoidance of double taxation agreements with many countries and regions in the world and explicitly determined the taxing rights in order to reduce double taxation on Hong Kong residents or corporations, or residents or corporations from other side of agreement.

Our Services

  • Tax advisory
  • Preparation and filing of tax returns
  • Exemption of Profits Tax in Hong Kong
  • Exemption of Hong Kong Salaries Tax
  • Tax burdens appraisal
  • Declaration of extension and tax objection
  • Declaration of salaries tax
  • Tax controversy services
  • Tax Field Audit and Investigation

Main Taxations levied by "Inland Revenue Ordinance"

In the current tax system, China's taxation includes taxation on turnover (including value added tax, consumption tax, business tax and customs duty), taxation on profits/income (including corporate income tax for enterprises with foreign investment and foreign enterprises, and individual income tax), taxation on property and deeds (including real estate tax, contract tax and stamp duty), and taxation on natural resources (including resources tax), which are respectively in relation to different objects of taxation.

Moreover, China's taxation can be categorised into central taxation, local taxation, as well as local & central sharing taxation, in terms of revenue attribution and collection jurisdiction, according to which, the tax preferences and tax rates enjoyed by different corporations are always different.

In PFR CPA Limited, tax professionals experienced with many years of domestic taxation handling are proficient in the assessment of tax risks of investment projects, for clients. They can provide tax planning and consulting which suitable to a company's operating program, solve relevant tax issues for clients who are operating in mainland China, and help foreign staff process their individual income tax, and other services. By virtue of our tax consulting service, corporations served by us will have a greater competitive edge.

Our Services Include:

Major Taxation in Mainland China, are as follows:

Schedule of Taxation Involved in Foreign Enterprises in Major Industries

    Taxation Involved in Various Industries
Taxation Tax Rate Manufacturing Commerce Services Representative Office
Corporate Income Tax 15%-25% Y Y Y Y
Value Added Tax 3%-17% Y Y - -
Consumption Tax 1%-56% Y - - -
Customs Duty As provided by the Customs Y Y - -
Individual Income Tax 3%-45% Y Y Y Y
Real Estate Tax 1.2% Y Y Y Y
Land Value Added Tax 30%-60% Y Y Y Y
Stamp Duty 0.003%-0.1% Y Y Y Y